WoLF Task Forces

Our Task Forces

Women everywhere are trapped inside what Andrea Dworkin named “the barricade of sexual terrorism.” Our job as feminists is to tear down that barricade. WoLF seeks women to lead four task forces that focus on different areas of political action for women’s liberation.
  • Women’s reproductive autonomy

    • Defends women’s bodily sovereignty.
    • Fights for fast-disappearing abortion training for medical students.
    • Provides educational materials on relevant legislative proposals.
    • Promotes the visibility of midwives and doulas.
    • Encourages women’s knowledge and self-care of our bodies.


    • Works to abolish prostitution and pornography as forms of violence against women.
    • Provides public education materials about the Nordic Model of legislation that holds johns and pimps accountable.
    • Promotes civil remedies for the harms of the pornography industry.

    Gender abolition

    • Seeks to abolish the gender-caste system.
    • Educates about the harms of gender and its centrality to male domination.
    • Vigorously defends women-only spaces.
    • Defends sex-segregation of domestic violence shelters, bathrooms, locker rooms, and sports teams.
    • Supports detransitioners in their struggle to be healed and heard.

    Male violence

    • Seeks to combat the global epidemic of male violence.
    • Organizes visible resistance to rape culture.
    • Fights to obtain legal justice for survivors of male violence.
    • Encourages self-defense groups for both individual and collective action.


  • Unapologetically radical feminists.
  • Dedicated to the total liberation of women.
  • A women-only organization: We are females who survived girlhood.