Women’s Liberation Front statement on introduction of the Equality Act

Recently, in a Palm Springs, CA, swim center, three teenage girls were traumatized by encountering a naked man showering in the women’s locker room. They reported this to the police, who did nothing, because the man “identifies as a woman.” [1]

The gender identity provisions of the Equality Act will make this state of affairs the law of the land in all 50 states, enshrining in federal law a shocking repudiation of the long-established right to bodily privacy from the opposite sex, through the lawful provision of single-sex accommodations.

For the sake of the feelings of some individuals with gender identity claims, the Equality Act demands that law and custom ignore the feelings of girls who don’t want to see naked men in their showers, ignore the feelings of adult women who want the right to intimate medical care from another woman, and ignore the feelings and dignity of women who don’t want to share emergency shelters or prison cells with men. Worse, it brands these women and girls despicable, uneducated bigots.

The gender identity provisions of the Equality Act will forbid the law to see sex while legitimizing sex stereotypes, and by doing so, they will destroy the law’s ability to fight sexism, or protect women from male harassment and violence. The concept of gender identity is not only unrelated to sexual orientation, in some respects it is directly contrary and undermines the ability to prevent discrimination and harassment against same-sex attracted individuals.

We ask that the gender identity provisions of the bill be withdrawn, and that Congress and the courts see fit to finally, and fairly, enforce prohibitions against sex stereotype discrimination, and the rights of same-sex attracted individuals and couples.

Board of Directors, Women’s Liberation Front
March 13, 2019

[1] – “Girls encounter ‘naked man’ at Palm Springs Swim Center
Police say person ‘self-identified as female’,” KESQ, News Channel 3, January 23, 2019