Radical Feminist Solidarity with Women of Color

The Women’s Liberation Front bears witness to the political message of Ferguson Missouri this past week – and the devastation of many women of color who’ve had their unarmed children murdered because of white supremacy and police brutality. Every 28 hours a black adult or child is murdered by police, according to the Malcolm X Grassroots Committee report Operation Ghetto Storm written by Ms. Arlene Eisen.

WoLF stands in solidarity with women and communities of color in these difficult times in Ferguson, MO and every city and town in white supremacist society.  And when we talk about police brutality and inappropriate use of lethal force, white-privileged women need to remember the numbers of unarmed Women of Color who have been killed by police.  Women of Color are multiply oppressed – and their stories and their voices must be acknowledged and amplified by radical feminists.  WoLF members aspire to conduct ourselves with solidarity.

We are enmeshed in overlapping systems of sadistic power built on misogyny, white privilege, stolen wealth, and human supremacism. As individuals, it is our responsibility to acknowledge those systems, overcome our entitlement, and make alliances with the dispossessed. Collectively, it is our task to bring those systems down.  

There’s a war going on.  While radical feminists should avoid fetishizing violence the way that male society has done for thousands of years –  the reality is that we need to be able to fight back and stand in solidarity with those whose lives have been stolen by criminal in-justice.