WoLF Releases Groundbreaking Poll Results: Gender Identity Policies Flop with CA and ID Voters

A recent poll conducted by Spry Strategies in conjunction with the Women’s Liberation Front gauged voter insights on gender identity policies in Idaho and California, two states that have recently passed hotly debated bills on these topics and represent polar opposites of partisan discourse.

While radical feminists and conservative Christians have together been the mainstay of organized opposition to the increasingly strange demands of the gender identity movement, these polling numbers show that our positions are solidly within the mainstream of opinion, in both red Idaho, and blue California.

Seventy-nine percent of likely voters in Idaho, and 74 percent of likely voters in California, agree with us that boys and men should not be allowed to identify their way into female-only sporting competitions. 

These results track with previous polling that Spry performed for the American Principles Project this July, where an average of 77 percent of voters across ten battleground states—Arizona​, ​Georgia​, Iowa​, ​Kentucky​, ​Michigan​, ​Montana​, ​North Carolina​, ​Pennsylvania​, ​Texas​, and ​Wisconsin—also disagreed with letting boys and men compete against girls and women.

The Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, sponsored by Rep. Barbara Ehardt and signed by Gov. Brad Little this March, had the support of 66 percent of likely Idaho voters.

Idaho’s HB 509, a law requiring vital statistics and birth records to be kept based on physical sex, sponsored by Rep. Julianne Young and also signed by Gov. Little this March, had the support of 58 percent of likely Idaho voters.

On the question of performing medical gender experiments on minors, 85 percent of likely voters in Idaho, and 74 percent of likely voters in California, disagree with allowing minors to access procedures that can sterilize them for life through hormone treatments or surgery.

California likely voters were asked about AB 2218, which would establish a “Transgender Wellness Fund,” a taxpayer-subsidized fund to pay for sex change surgeries and hormones that cause sterilization for minors and adults. This bill, which now waits for Gov. Gavin Newsom’s signature, met with the disapproval of 63 percent of likely voters.

The California legislature has also recently passed SB 132, also waiting for the governor’s signature, which would allow male prisoners to demand placement in a women’s facility, including sex-specific residential programs such as the Community Prisoner Mother Program. Forty-six percent of likely voters in California disagree with allowing men to identify into placement in women’s prisons, and another 15 percent were unsure.

Natasha Chart, board chair of the Women’s Liberation Front, said, “While we’re disappointed that even 38 percent of Californians support the idea of putting male inmates in women’s prisons, these polling results demonstrate that a majority of voters in these very different states largely support policies that are based on an accurate recognition of biological sex.

”The policies being pushed by gender extremists cut against the majority opinions of likely voters in both California, and Idaho. They should stop trying to win this debate by falsely describing themselves as representing the popular will,” said Chart.

The Idaho and California Statewide Surveys were conducted by IVR and Online Mobile Interviews from August 29 – September 01 among a random sample of 600 likely voters. Both surveys have a margin of error of +/- 4.0 percentage points. Results are weighted. 

Some percentages in crosstab reports for these polls may not add to 100% due to rounding. Data is modeled after the 2016 General Election voter turnout, which is the anticipated model for the 2020 General Election. Surveys were completed using a hybrid method of live landline, IVR, and online to mobile.

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Full poll results: