Thinking Differently Conference

Lierre Keith and I went to London last weekend to speak at the Thinking Differently: Feminists Questioning Gender Politics conference on July 16. This was an herstorical event, the first full-day public conference that we know of on the topic of how gender identity politics harm women and girls. It was organized by London radical feminists Julia Long and Sheila Jeffries.  Let me give you a summary of the conference. Video footage of the event will be available in August.

Session 1: Historicising Transgenderisms
Sheila Jeffries talked about how transgenderism is a manufactured social contagion being marketed by big pharma, mass media and capitalist medicine.  She detailed the history of transgenderism and how this phenomenon took root in our culture.Session 2: What is Gender
Lierre Keith explained the difference between radical and liberal feminism and detailed how gender is not a choice or innate internal state, but rather gender is the social structure that enforces male supremacy.Session 3: The Transgendering of Children
Stephanie Davis-Arai gave a chilling talk on how transgenderism is being marketed to chidren. She explained “the combination of factors which have created fertile ground for the current transgendering of children to flourish: mainstream sexual objectification of women since the 70s; extreme gendered toy marketing over the past decade; child-centered parenting culture over the past two decades based on the belief of the Self as fixed at birth and belief in the psychological frailty of children; and changes in language.” She explained how groups in the UK are going into schools pushing gender ideology on young children. These groups push ideas that contradict established understanding of brain development and harmful stereotypes about what it means to be a girl or a boy. She talked about differences in who is being transed in childhood. Among children under 10 is is mostly boys, after puberty it is mostly girls. She also talked about the lifelong harms of medically and socially transing children and the erasure of lesbian and gay youth.

Session 4: Transgenderism and the impact on women
Jackie Mearns talked about the abuse she experienced as the partner of an autogynophillic man. She detailed how she sought help while being abused and the services she accessed tried to “educate” her out of her “transphobia.”

Julia Long talked about transgenderism as a form of male violence.

Sheila Jeffries gave an scary/funny talk on transgender porn and the mass media market where autogynophiles sexually fantasize about being turned into women.

Session 5:
Mary Lou Singleton: How the Gender Identity Movement is Hijacking the Fight for Reproductive Rights
I talked about how women in the USA have no codified constitutional rights other than the right to vote and how we just lost all sex-based protections when the Obama administration declared that everywhere it says “sex” in the Civil Rights Act it actually means gender identity. I gave an overview of the dismal state of women’s reproductive rights in the US: forced cesareans, women in jail for self-aborting, home birth being illegal, etc.  I then explained that all of the funded women’s reproductive rights groups have changed their language and erased the word woman from the discussion of reproduction. Then I talked about the Midwives Alliance of North America removing the words woman and mother from their core competency document and our WoLF resistance to that.

Julie Bindel: No platforming, misogyny, and the silencing of radical feminists
“The history of no platforming, silencing, and misrepresenting radical feminists, with a focus on the inherent misogyny of the trans cabal and its influence on the liberal left.”

Magdalen Berns: Gender Identity Culture in Student Spaces
Magdelen talked about being a recent college student dealing with no-platforming and silencing. She addressed the hostility to lesbians, promotion of rape culture, homophobia and misogyny by trans activists, and the loss of true feminism on campus.

It was such an honor to be part of this event. Over 200 people attended, the hall was full, and we had no problems with disruption from trans activists. I will post the video of the event when it is ready.


In sisterhood,
Mary Lou

 How the Gender Identity Movement is Hijacking the Fight for Reproductive Rights