The left likes Synthia China Blast more than feminists

  • Jezebel article about Synthia China Blast, 2015

Some of us have been around long enough to remember when all radical feminists, even ones who really disliked each other, were horrified by articles like this one, where a male gang member who raped and murdered a little black girl was invited by a women’s publication to publicly comment by name on the feminism of a woman who’d pointed out the crimes he committed before he changed his name, formerly Luis Morales.

If women want to know what gender activists think of them, read this article, which was written before WoLF incorporated. Synthia China Blast was one of the men convicted for the rape and murder of Ebony Nicole Williams, 13, and when they had killed her, they put her body in a diaper box under a bridge, then set it on fire.

A Jezebel writer and their editorial team at the time thought that the man who did this was an appropriate person to interview about his opinions on feminism. They sympathized with his plight. They invited him to criticize a feminist for being outspoken about his unsuitability as the voice of a celebrity-led, public advocacy campaign.

This is how much the gender activists aren’t going to like anyone more for criticizing us.

They think a man who raped and murdered a little girl, and burned her body under a bridge, is a better feminist than any of you. Try to understand how much it doesn’t matter whether your associations are more ‘pure’ than ours, or your how much more conciliatory your words are.

They like Synthia China Blast more than any radical feminist, and they think it’s actual violence to say that his name used to be Luis Morales.

They’re okay being told what to say and how to think by a man who called the depraved serial killer in Silence of the Lambs, Buffalo Bill, his “auntie.”

Jos Truitt’s March, 2016, article, “My Auntie Buffalo Bill: the unavoidable transmisogyny of Silence of the Lambs.”

They’re still going to cheer when “antifa” protests “TERFs,” and that should say everything about what they think of feminists.

We don’t think that people who like child rapists and murderers more than us are people whose opinions — especially their opinions of us — we should be bound to respect. Other people have to make their own choices.