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WoLF encourages women to get involved and even lead actions.  WoLF is tabling at Vancouver Rape Relief’s Montreal Massacre Memorial this weekend!  Hope to see you there. For more information please contact Kathy Mandigo  at [email protected]

Midwives Alliance of North America conference

Midwives Alliance of North America conference took place the weekend of 15th of October in Albuquerque, NM. WoLF members Mary Lou Singleton and Michelle Buenaventura Smith paid $500 to have a WoLF table at the exhibit hall, but were deplatformed by the MANA Board of Directors. MANA refunded the money. WoLF women will not be allowed to share information on radical feminism at the exhibit hall at the conference. However, in the tradition of banned radical groups, WoLF will have a radfem suite at the hotel where women and allies interested in women's liberation can learn more and network. WoLF will be holding a shadow conference with topics ranging ...

Radical Feminist Solidarity with Women of Color

The Women's Liberation Front bears witness to the political message of Ferguson Missouri this past week - and the devastation of many women of color who've had their unarmed children murdered because of white supremacy and police brutality. Every 28 hours a black adult or child is murdered by police, according to the Malcolm X Grassroots Committee report Operation Ghetto Storm written by Ms. Arlene Eisen. WoLF stands in solidarity with women and communities of color in these difficult times in Ferguson, MO and every city and town in white supremacist society.  And when we talk about police brutality and inappropriate use of lethal force, ...