Supreme Court refuses to hear Boyertown students’ privacy concerns over gender identity

We are deeply disappointed that the Supreme Court has failed to take up the case of Doe v. Boyertown, where we had filed a brief. The decision not to hear the case was announced yesterday. It means that a lower court’s decision — to let the Boyertown school district end students’ rights to privacy in single-sex locker and restroom facilities on the basis of gender identity — will stand.

Alexis Lightcap, one of the students suing to protect her own privacy, and the privacy of other girls, had this to say: “I wish that the school had protected my privacy somehow. It felt like a specific group of people were protected while all the greater population was not.”In this case, a group of high school students had asked the Court to take up their case.

These young people were seeking to have their rights and privacy respected by the highest Court in the United States. That Court refused to even consider their arguments.

As disappointed as we are in this outcome, however, we are committed to fighting this fight. We will not stop fighting for women and girls. Look forward to WoLF fighting for the rights, privacy, and safety of women and girls in future Supreme Court cases. 

WoLF Board

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