Start A Group

Wondering what it takes to start a local WoLF pack? Start here.

Local Coordinators:

  • Are WoLF members in good standing
  • Serve as a local contact for WoLF
  • Hold regular WoLF meetings
  • Organize radical feminist actions in their area

Local WoLF chapters operate with a great deal of autonomy, providing their activities are consistent with WoLF’s tax-exempt purpose: to engage in advocacy and education to protect and restore the rights of women and girls.

All members must abide by the WoLF Statement of Principles and Code of Conduct, but local groups set their own local agendas.

It’s up to your group to decide what actions to join or instigate. Generally, WoLF groups have regular meetings (at least once a month); organize local actions and participate in national WoLF campaigns; respond rapidly to national and international action alerts; have a webpage and a local listserv; and fundraise for local and national WoLF actions.

Action is a must: to be recognized as local WoLF chapter, your group must organize at least four actions a year. Actions can include: tabling at events; film screenings; public discussions; educating and advocating with elected officials; letter writing; attending or organizing protests, vigils, and marches; street theater; social media campaigns; and pretty much anything in defense of women. To see some of the inspiring WoLF actions happening around the globe, check out our Actions page.

Getting Started!

Host a potluck dinner or a gather at a local spot for a conversation about everyone’s interests and skills. Your passion and commitment will inspire other women to join. Use your first meeting to compare your interests and discuss the campaigns and actions that appeal most to your. This is also a good time to identify your skills and talents, the decision-making structure of your group, and the roles you wish to take on.

  • What WoLF issues most interest you?
  • How would you like to use your skills and talents to help WoLF’s campaigns, locally or nationally?
  • Will your group operate by consensus, majority rule, or a combination?
  • How will your group communicate, and how will you store group information and communications in a secure way?
  • How does your group want to divide up the basic maintenance roles? Tasks include: organizing, facilitating, and note-taking meetings; maintaining a local website and listserv; sending out rapid response alerts from the national WoLF board; keeping an inventory of WoLF literature for distribution; and fundraising plans.

If you are ready to commit to a local WoLF group, register online by filling out our local coordinator form:

Local Coordinator Application

Questions? Contact our Local Groups coordinator at [email protected] for more information.