WoLF urges court: Keep male hacker out of women’s jail

Paige Thompson is a man who claims to identify as a woman. He also recently committed one of the largest data breaches on record, and has a history of threatening violence.

According to news and police reports, Thompson “has a history of stalking and threatening to kill people and to get herself killed by police,” and had “threatened to shoot up an undisclosed company in May [2019], while she [sic] was living with a convicted felon who had a stockpile of pistols, rifles and ammunition.”

Despite this, his lawyers claim that he is not violent, and argue that he should be released to avoid the supposed “risk of being continuously misgendered,” and the risk of becoming “a target for intimidation by other inmates.” An ACLU lawyer even submitted a letter supporting Thompson’s release.

Yet all the available evidence supports the conclusion that Thompson is in fact a risk to the public, and is likely to be a risk to incarcerated women given his history of making violent threats.

Today the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington held a hearing on whether Thompson will remain at the Federal Detention Center in SeaTac pending trial.

Court calendar for Paige Thompson hearing

WoLF submitted this letter to the judge in the matter, explaining why the court should neither release Thompson nor transfer him to a women’s facility for pretrial detention.