Obama Administration Responds to WoLF Lawsuit

The Obama Administration has officially moved to dismiss our complaint in the case of Women’s Liberation Front v. United States. This is serious business. dojs-motion-to-dismiss

WoLF has sued the Administration over its redefinition of sex to mean “gender identity.” We argue in our complaint that the Administration’s redefinition effectively erases women as a legal category worthy of civil rights protections and endangers our right to privacy and safety. And now the Administration has the gall to argue in its Motion to Dismiss that women’s concerns about privacy and safety are “largely conjectural” and based on “unfound fears.” It also argues that its redefinition of sex to mean “gender identity” is “reasonable.” They are basically saying that a man’s right to enter female-only spaces is reasonable, whereas women’s concerns about our right to safety and privacy are conjectural and unfounded. Once again, men are reasonable; women are emotional.

In other news, we should hear as early as next week whether the Supreme Court is going to take an appeal in the case of Gloucester v. G.G. WoLF submitted an amicus (friend of the court) brief in that case, building on the arguments made in our New Mexico case. We will let you know as soon as we hear whether the Supreme Court has decided to take up the case.

We need your help! We will not be able to proceed in either New Mexico or in the Supreme Court if we are not able to raise the funds to cover our legal fees. Please help by donating here!