New York State Democrats insult women, deny biology

[Content note: adult language, scientific illiteracy.]

New York Democrats have decided to insult women by pretending in public that state committee member Emilia Decaudin is literally female, and, last month, on October 15th, by supporting his efforts to reduce women’s representation in the state party’s positions.

Decaudin and his allies ended the “one male, one female” rule for Democratic State Committees, which the Velvet Chronicle notes was instituted at the behest of the women’s suffrage movement.

Decaudin decided to respond to critics of this move by members of the public and constituents of the party with a later-deleted tweet reading, “TERFs and SWERFs and truscum can suck my girldick.”

He followed this up with a further Twitter statement the next day, saying:

“Was what I posted last night uncouth? Probably. Was I also out with good friends having a good time while being reminded of transphobic violence every time I scrolled through my feeds on my phone? Yes. Was every reply to my tweet ultimately transphobic in nature? Yes. This is probably the last period in my life where I can be somewhat uncareful about how I present myself online, and while I imagine I’ll be slightly on guard going forward, I am not going to be polite only to please TERFs, SWERFs, and truscum.”

Decaudin also retweeted a statement by another Twitter user, in response to people pointing out online that he’s obviously a man whose todger was visibly tenting his dress, saying in part, “Commenting about a trans person’s outward appearance means that you’re conforming to fascist beauty standards and is the least feminist thing you could possibly do.”

In other words, noticing that a man is a man is “fascist.”

Low bar for fascism, if so. Fascism must not actually be that dangerous, according to these folks, since every adult human being who can see the difference between the sexes, and isn’t willing to lie about that, is a fascist. Fascism, it seems, includes anyone who hasn’t been trained to put Decaudin’s feelings above their own sense of reality, and to prioritize their male “sisters,” rather than other women, as his then-pinned tweet demanded.

Decaudin also retweeted another comment, saying, “TERFs, gender-critical feminists and biology realists can all get f*cked. Any LGB person that throws their lot in with these people are nothing short of collaborators in the oppression of their own community.” And then he talked about “making a City more inclusive of non-binary, transgender, and intersex New Yorkers,” whereas he apparently doesn’t care very much about being inclusive of women, feminists, and people who believe in biology.

Decaudin also retweeted and echoed a comment naming biological realists, “FARTs,” because he is a mature person who was a good choice for a state party seat where he was allowed to end proportional representation for women.

Decaudin retweeted praise for himself as “an icon.”

He said, “I love and appreciate my friends,” as a comment in response to a tweet saying, “Women are a material reality. Take Emilia for instance. She’s there – being a woman. In reality. While you’re busy f*cking off.”

On October 21st, he wrote, “Get WRECKED haters.” The following day, he said, “I’m only gonna more beautiful and more powerful with each passing day so get outta this woman’s way.” Some people seem to think that it’s a rejection of gender stereotypes for a mediocre, vulgar, young white man to tell people that he’s going to get more powerful every day, so stay out of his way. This is quite the hot take.

The New York State Democratic Committee’s Progressive Caucus seems very enthused by Decaudin’s success.

Decaudin has found no shortage of groups and individuals to retweet celebrating the “feminism” and “inclusivity” of his end to rules supporting sex parity.

Another group, Equality NY, doesn’t seem to believe that women need to be part of their reach for “equality.”

People who’re “having an existential crisis” are to be favored now in party representation over people who can accept the reality of their sexed bodies.

Decaudin is praised for his “leadership” by Marti Gould Cummings, a drag artist running for NYC Council District 7, and his accomplishment is endorsed as “awesome” by New York State Assembly Member Yuh-Line Niou, from District 65.

Decaudin was very pleased to recirculate pictures of himself standing up to end women’s representation.

He retweets support for his actions from the Stonewall Democrats, and the LGBTQ Caucus of the NYSYD.

He retweets praise from a woman he knows who points out, accurately, that he is, “fighting for updates to gender related policies that most wouldn’t even know about.” It does seem likely that most members of the New York State Democratic Party didn’t know that anyone considered it a good idea to eliminate the mandate for sex parity.

A man named Paul Newell shared the story about Decaudin’s accomplishments, saying, “I, and many other Democratic Party progressives have been talking about how to address this for at least a decade. But [Emilia Decaudin] did more than talk, she acted – and apparently is getting results. Proud to call her a friend.”

In other words, he succeeded because men in the state party have been talking about how to take away women’s representation in leadership for about ten years, but they just couldn’t figure out how to do it until they found the right man to stand up in front of the state committee in a dress, insist he was a woman, and demand that they do it so they could be inclusive.

Newell goes on to respond to a constituent’s challenge that Decaudin “never will face life as a woman,” because, “they have an erection in public,” by saying, “That’s correct. [Decaudin] has a different set of experiences.”

Sporting an erection in public isn’t any kind of female experience. But the NY Progressive Caucus is on the case!

Whomever is running the @NYProgCaucus Twitter feed went on to say that not only can “some animals” change sex, but that, “as mammmals with most developed brains, humans are especially capable” of changing sex. Then they bring up the example of seahorses, as if this has something to do with the visibly male Decaudin mocking women in public.

The NYProgCaucus account doubled down on the topic of “changing sex,” when challenged by Dr. Emma Hilton.

The state committee’s progressive caucus also apparently wants to dismantle single-sex sporting categories for women and girls, in case their position weren’t clear enough.

If this is the representative state of knowledge and commitment to women’s rights of the entire NY State Democratic Committee Progressive Caucus, none of these people should be within a mile of any policy that has to do with biology, animals, agriculture, women’s rights, or medical ethics.

Anyway, women of New York State, this is what the NY State Democratic Committee thinks is appropriate representation for you, and your interests: an ignorant, vulgar young man, tenting in his dress as he takes away your rights.