WoLF calls on Idaho governor to save women’s sports

The Idaho legislature recently voted 24-11 to adopt House Bill 500, the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, introduced by Congresswoman Barbara Ehardt.

The bill is simple: when publicly-funded athletic teams that are separated into women’s teams and men’s teams, it mandates that eligibility be determined strictly on the basis of medically-verified sex, and not on the basis of subjective self-diagnosed “gender identity.”

Opponents argue that sports eligibility should be determined by self-identification, or in some cases based on whether the competitor has taken dangerous puberty-blocking drugs. Not only would that would be fundamentally unfair to women and girls, it would pressure young boys to go on “puberty blockers” early in order to qualify for girls’ teams. We oppose those proposals in the strongest terms.

If you would like to support HB 500, especially if you live in Idaho, please call Governor Little’s office today and leave a polite message or send an email urging him to sign the bill and support women and girls.
Governor Brad Little, 208-334-2100 or [email protected]