Confessed rapist invited to speak on-stage at DC Women’s March

On Saturday, millions of women of all races and ethnicities, and our male allies, came out in force to demand that women receive the respect and dignity that we deserve. Numerous members of the Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) attended the march in Washington, DC and in their own cities. The march was a tremendous success as a catalyst for an ongoing international women’s movement.

However, WoLF is gravely concerned that a confessed rapist was invited to the stage.

Cherno Biko wrote an article on Medium last year, admitting to raping a black female-to-transgender person, with the express purpose of impregnating the alleged victim without consent. Having read the article before it was removed, as well as the statements of the alleged victim on social media, we are rightly angry that this person was invited to represent the women’s movement at this landmark event.

Women’s freedom can’t be secured until we can expect to be safe from male sexual violence, or at the very least, that our abusers will be held accountable. Asking us to accept a rapist as a movement leader is anti-feminist and must not be tolerated.

While we recognize that anyone can attend a public demonstration, not everyone gets invited on stage, or is handed a microphone to speak, as Biko was. This is intolerable and it must not happen again.