WoLF Code of Conduct

Action: The goal of WoLF is the liberation of women. Members are expected to act in accordance with the Statement of Principles in all projects.

Solidarity: We are enmeshed in overlapping systems of sadistic power built on misogyny, white privilege, stolen wealth, and human supremacism. As individuals, it is our responsibility to acknowledge those systems, overcome our entitlement, and make alliances with the dispossessed. Collectively, it is our task to bring those systems down.

Liberty: WoLF has a zero-tolerance policy for abuse. Physical integrity and emotional safety are basic human rights that WoLF is sworn to defend. WoLF will banish any members who rape, batter, or abuse any living creature.

Character: Political resistance is a serious undertaking that requires loyalty, commitment, integrity, and courage. Members always strive to enact these values to in both our political organizing and our personal lives.

Respect: Women of conscience can disagree. As painful as such disagreements can be, WoLF members are expected to treat everyone with respect.

Justice: WoLF is unalterably opposed to pornography and prostitution as violence against women. Members don’t participate in anyone’s sexual exploitation. We strive to eradicate domination and subordination from our personal lives and sexual practices.