Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors is the group that sets policies and procedures for WoLF. The Board plans and institutes the overall direction of WoLF. The Board is elected annually. Board candidates must be members of WoLF in good standing for two years. Both current and former Board members are welcome to run. Candidates must announce their decision to run for Board by October 1. Candidates may also submit a Position Paper (no longer than two pages) with their announcement, detailing the reasons they want to be on the Board. The new Board is elected by the old Board using an instant run-off election process. The election happens on November 1 of each year.

Meet the WoLF Board:

Kara Dansky

Kara Dansky is a lawyer, policy analyst, radical feminist, and the Founder and Managing Director of One Thousand Arms – a consulting firm committed to dismantling racism.



Sarah Jones is a radical feminist currently living in Boise, Idaho. She is passionate about creating authentic women's community, and the pursuit of real women's empowerment. Sarah is a massage therapist/essential oil therapist/witch and avid cook.Sarah Jones is a feminist activist and organizer committed to the creation of women’s spaces. She spearheaded the first annual WoLF Festival in 2016, in order to promote real women’s empowerment through a culture of resistance to male supremacy.



Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and writer. She does not recant her heresy.





Jennifer C

Jennifer Chavez is a feminist, secularist, lawyer, and mother who discovered radical feminism two years ago while investigating “gender identity.” She is honored to serve on the WoLF board.



Emma S

Emma Spaulding is a feminist artist who has spent years trying to find other women who share her perspective on the importance of women’s liberation. She is dedicated to building spaces for women and preserving women’s history.



Susan CoxSusan Cox is a feminist writer, activist, and educator in Philosophy. She is a regular contributor to Feminist Current.