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Confessed rapist invited to speak on-stage at DC Women’s March

On Saturday, millions of women of all races and ethnicities, and our male allies, came out in force to demand that women receive the respect and dignity that we deserve. Numerous members of the Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) attended the march in Washington, DC and in their own cities. The march was a tremendous success as a catalyst for an ongoing international women's movement. However, WoLF is gravely concerned that a confessed rapist was invited to the stage. Cherno Biko wrote an article on Medium last year, admitting to raping a black female-to-transgender person, with the express purpose of impregnating the alleged victim without ...

Montréal Massacre Memorial at Vancouver Rape Relief

Women's Liberation Front tabled at the 2016 Memorial for the Montreal Massacre at VRR. 27 years ago a man walked into a classroom at École Polytechnique in Montreal, separated the women from the men, and shot 14 women dead. Thus December 6th is Canada's National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. Highlights from the event include Lierre Keith's talk on power, sexuality, and pornography.

Radical Feminism brought to the Supreme Court!

It's official! Women's Liberation Front has filed an amicus brief with The Supreme Court of the United States in the case that will likely determine the future of state and federal policy on gender identity. Read it below. Women's Liberation Front SCOTUS Amicus Brief

WoLF highlights bipartisanship on gender identity

WoLF board member Kara Dansky sat down with Family Policy Alliance as unlikely allies for privacy and the safety of women and girls. Watch their conversation below.

WoLF Statement on U.S. Election Results

Many of us are shocked, depressed and in crisis today. Please remember that you are not alone. You have so many sisters working patiently and fiercely for your right to live on your own terms. You have so many foremothers who passed on gifts they would never see to women they nonetheless cared for. Your survival is a victory for all of us. Our greatest strength as survivors of girlhood and as radical feminists is in the communities we build through our work, the joy and comfort that we find in solidarity. Please be kind to each other.  Please support one another. Please tell us what you need from our organization right now. If you live in the ...

Obama Administration Responds to WoLF Lawsuit

The Obama Administration has officially moved to dismiss our complaint in the case of Women’s Liberation Front v. United States. This is serious business. dojs-motion-to-dismiss WoLF has sued the Administration over its redefinition of sex to mean “gender identity.” We argue in our complaint that the Administration’s redefinition effectively erases women as a legal category worthy of civil rights protections and endangers our right to privacy and safety. And now the Administration has the gall to argue in its Motion to Dismiss that women’s concerns about privacy and safety are “largely conjectural” and based on “unfound fears.” It ...

WoLF Files Amicus Brief in SCOTUS Title IX Case

Women's Liberation Front is defending the Title IX rights of females before the Supreme Court of the United States! Today WoLF filed an Amicus Brief (friend of the court) in the Gloucester County School Board v. Gavin Grim case, in which the question of female erasure from Title IX (the prohibition on discrimination on the basis of sex in federally funded schools) will be considered. Read the Supreme Court Amicus Brief HERE