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Honoring Lesbian Culture

This Lesbian Visibility Day, we honor our lesbian sisters’ courage, independence, and many contributions to public life. When women like Pauli Murray and Storme DeLarverie took strong, early stands for rights and freedoms that have moved society closer to justice, they did so as part of a long tradition of trailblazing lesbians who pushed the boundaries of where women could go on our own, or what we were allowed to wear. That legacy continued with lesbian intellectual leadership of the modern women’s liberation movement. In spite of severe restrictions on women’s movement and activities in western society, and dangerous laws regard...

Statement on Malicious Rumors

Q: Why are you writing this? A: WoLF has been subjected to a 5-month campaign of digital hate-stalking by one person. The uniform advice on stalkers is to cut off all contact with the stalker and deny them any access to you. What stalkers feed on is engagement. We know this. But WoLF's stalker is continuing to spread lies about us, and her lies have encouraged others to create increasingly bizarre conspiracy theories about WoLF. We don't know what to do but address at least some of her claims directly.   We are also aware that research shows how repeating a falsehood, even in the service of debunking it, serves to reinforce the veracity of the ...

WoLF appears on Tucker Carlson Tonight

Tuesday February 7th at 9:50pm ET Women's Liberation Front legal spokesperson Kara Dansky appears on Tucker Carlson Tonight, discussing the harmful effects of gender identity legislation on women and girls, as well as Women Liberation Front's Supreme Court Amicus Brief in upcoming major SCOTUS gender identity decision. This case asks the question whether “women” even exist anymore as a legally-protected or definable category. Add your support today in helping us defend the rights of women and girls.

Commission on the Status of Women 61

Women's Liberation Front members will be in attendance at the sixty-first session of the Commission on the Status of Women. Taking place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City from 13 to 24 March 2017. Themes this year Priority theme: Women’s economic empowerment in the changing world of work Review theme: Challenges and achievements in the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals for women and girls (agreed conclusions of the fifty-eighth session) Emerging issue/Focus area: The empowerment of indigenous women - See more at: http://www.unwomen.org/en/csw/csw61-2017#sthash.jx8ncpz2.dpuf

March 8th, 2017 WOMEN’S STRIKE

Women's Liberation Front is participating in the International Women's Strike on March 8th, 2017. The idea is to mobilize women in a day of striking, marching, blocking roads, bridges, and squares - abstaining from work, including domestic labor, boycotting and raising our voices against sexism! Join us.

March 3rd, 2017: After Trump and Pussy Hats

WoLF members will be in attendance at AFTER TRUMP AND PUSSY HATS. Presented by Vancouver Rape Relief and Women's Shelter & Asian Women Coalition Ending Prostitution. Featuring: Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges and leading Vancouver feminist Suzanne Jay. Friday - March 3, 2017 Doors open: 6:15pm St Andrew's Wesley United Church, 1022 Nelson St, Vancouver, BC Tickets - $10 No one will be turned away (call Vancouver Rape Relief for a complimentary ticket 604-876-0872) UNSPEAKABLE: Chris Hedges new book on the most taboo topics in America will be available for sale at a discounted price. Free Child Care activities ...

July 21st – 24th, WoLF Festival 2017!!

The second annual WoLF Festival will be held July 21st through July 24th in Crescent City, California. WoLF Fest is the largest radical feminist gathering in the United States. Women are welcome to attend from around the world for three days of radical feminist sisterhood, strategy, and revolution in the redwoods. For more information visit: wolffestival.org

Women’s March on Washington

WoLF will have a presence of radical feminists and allies at the Women's March on Washington. We feel it is crucial at this moment for women to unite as a class against rape, misogyny, and sexist federal policy. The president-elect has shown himself to be a degrader, exploiter, and all around hater of women. This cannot stand. On the day of his inauguration, women will unite together in protest against Trump and institutionalized male supremacy!

Confessed rapist invited to speak on-stage at DC Women’s March

On Saturday, millions of women of all races and ethnicities, and our male allies, came out in force to demand that women receive the respect and dignity that we deserve. Numerous members of the Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) attended the march in Washington, DC and in their own cities. The march was a tremendous success as a catalyst for an ongoing international women's movement. However, WoLF is gravely concerned that a confessed rapist was invited to the stage. Cherno Biko wrote an article on Medium last year, admitting to raping a black female-to-transgender person, with the express purpose of impregnating the alleged victim without ...

Montréal Massacre Memorial at Vancouver Rape Relief

Women's Liberation Front tabled at the 2016 Memorial for the Montreal Massacre at VRR. 27 years ago a man walked into a classroom at École Polytechnique in Montreal, separated the women from the men, and shot 14 women dead. Thus December 6th is Canada's National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. Highlights from the event include Lierre Keith's talk on power, sexuality, and pornography.