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WoLF Files Amicus Brief in SCOTUS Title IX Case

Women's Liberation Front is defending the Title IX rights of females before the Supreme Court of the United States! Today WoLF filed an Amicus Brief (friend of the court) in the Gloucester County School Board v. Gavin Grim case, in which the question of female erasure from Title IX (the prohibition on discrimination on the basis of sex in federally funded schools) will be considered. Read the Supreme Court Amicus Brief HERE  

WoLF Respresentation at the Earth At Risk Conference in SFO Nov 22-23, 2014

We're excited to announce that we'll be tabling at the Earth At Risk Conference 2014 at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco this November 22-23. Awesome speakers presenting during the weekend include:  Vandana Shiva, Alice Walker, Gail Dines, Cherry Smily, Sarah Meaghan Mah, Yuly Chan, Jeannette Armstrong, Diane Wilson, Chief Caleen Sisk, Freda Huson, Saba Malik, and Dominique Christina! Tickets are cheap, and discounted tix are available to students and unemployed.  If you live in the area please attend if you can, and stop by our table and say hi - we'd love to howl with you! More info here:  www.fertilegroundinstitute.org/speaker...

Radical Feminist Solidarity with Women of Color

The Women's Liberation Front bears witness to the political message of Ferguson Missouri this past week - and the devastation of many women of color who've had their unarmed children murdered because of white supremacy and police brutality. Every 28 hours a black adult or child is murdered by police, according to the Malcolm X Grassroots Committee report Operation Ghetto Storm written by Ms. Arlene Eisen. WoLF stands in solidarity with women and communities of color in these difficult times in Ferguson, MO and every city and town in white supremacist society.  And when we talk about police brutality and inappropriate use of lethal force, ...

A Wolf Pack

WoLF believes in universal human rights (physical & emotional safety for all), and the necessity of female solidarity while dismantling male supremacy over women and other wild creatures.  Radical feminism is critical for creating healthy human communities in a civilization with overlapping systems of oppression.  The Women's Liberation Front believes that wolf packs are essential.  For more information on membership, go to our "Get Involved" page.