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Thinking Differently Conference

Lierre Keith and I went to London last weekend to speak at the Thinking Differently: Feminists Questioning Gender Politics conference on July 16. This was an herstorical event, the first full-day public conference that we know of on the topic of how gender identity politics harm women and girls. It was organized by London radical feminists Julia Long and Sheila Jeffries.  Let me give you a summary of the conference. Video footage of the event will be available in August. Session 1: Historicising Transgenderisms Sheila Jeffries talked about how transgenderism is a manufactured social contagion being marketed by big pharma, mass media and capitalist ...

Deconstructing Gender Identity Under Male Supremacy

WoLF members present panel at the 2016 Left Forum titled: Deconstructing Gender Identity Under Male Supremacy

Roe v. Wade Day

The Women's Liberation Front will be collaborating with Stop Patriarchy on January 22-23 in a counter protest of the annual "March For Life," the anti-abortion rally held every year on the anniversary of the historic Supreme Court decision about abortion known as Roe vs. Wade. Last year, Stop Patriarchy succeeded in stopping this anti-woman march for a time. This year we will make an even bigger impact by joining forces. If you can make it to DC, San Francisco, or Austin, fantastic! If not, counter-protest in your own town!


WoLF encourages women to get involved and even lead actions.  WoLF is tabling at Vancouver Rape Relief’s Montreal Massacre Memorial this weekend!  Hope to see you there. For more information please contact Kathy Mandigo  at [email protected]

Report From the Women’s Liberation Front Action at the Midwives Alliance of North America Conference

November 17, 2015 by Miep    Background: Last year the board of directors of the Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) chose to amend its core competencies for midwives document to prioritize gender identity over biological sex, effectively eliminating the words “woman” and “mother” and replacing these with “pregnant individual” and “birthing parent.” In response to this change, WoLF board members Michelle Peixinho Smith and Mary Lou Singletondrafted an open letter to MANA expressing concerns about female erasure from the language of birth as well as the medical, ethical, and cultural implications of choosing to ...

Carol Downer

82 year old badass Carol Downer explaining how she and a group of angry women fed up with male control of female bodies learned self-exam and how to safely perform menstrual extraction and early abortion on each other. At the Women's Liberation Front shadow conference after we were banned from the Midwives Alliance of North America conference. manapamphlet  

Midwives Alliance of North America conference

Midwives Alliance of North America conference took place the weekend of 15th of October in Albuquerque, NM. WoLF members Mary Lou Singleton and Michelle Buenaventura Smith paid $500 to have a WoLF table at the exhibit hall, but were deplatformed by the MANA Board of Directors. MANA refunded the money. WoLF women will not be allowed to share information on radical feminism at the exhibit hall at the conference. However, in the tradition of banned radical groups, WoLF will have a radfem suite at the hotel where women and allies interested in women's liberation can learn more and network. WoLF will be holding a shadow conference with topics ranging ...

Video: Radfems Respond 2014

Sending Howls of Thanks to the Wolf Conservation Center

As WoLF grows, we send howls of thanks the Wolf Conservation Center's work with the actual wolves that inspire us so much. The WCC's programs emphasize wolf biology, the ecological benefits of wolves and other large predators, and the current status of wolf recovery in the United States. The WCC ...

Radfems Respond Backlash: Suppression of Dissent Against Gender Orthodoxy

I’m helping to organize a conference called Radfems Respond.  This event is open to the public, and exists to try and promote frank discussion of two controversial elements of radical feminism: Gender abolition and prostitution abolition.  Predictably, some people would rather shut down ...