A decline in ‘comfort’ with the LGBTQ, considered for the perplexed.

[Content note: some images in this post contain violent imagery and language, and are not suitable for all readers.]

Disastrous polling numbers came out this summer, showing decreased acceptance of “LGBTQ” people, particularly among young women, in the US. This is what many of us feared would happen due to having gender identity politics completely take over the movement for tolerance of same-sex attraction.

Radical feminists have been getting disturbing aggression over this shoved in our faces for years, and you don’t need a degree in sociology to guess that more of it, associated with the LGB and feminist causes we support, wasn’t going to win any hearts and minds that are beyond the swing of some hotheaded kid’s big stick.

The organizations that purport to lead the charge for that tolerance seem to think the issue is a lack of education, but most people know plenty about what the movement has come to stand for, which has gradually become a demand that people pretend we don’t understand sex, or to replace children’s story hours at the library with adult nightclub acts.

Maybe some of the discomfort is because the ACLU, one of the nation’s premier civil rights advocacy organizations, equates not letting boys in girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms at school with bloody violence, calls girls’ privacy concerns a type of “hysteria,” or sets girls’ desire for sporting fairness in allegedly cruel opposition to the well-being of trans-identified boys. 

Chase Strangio, ACLU staff attorney, suggesting that refusing to agree to the idea that “some women have penises,” is equivalent to “killing women who are trans.” – June 9, 2019

Perhaps some young women have been made uncomfortable by people associated with “LGBTQ” causes, but mainly gender identity, calling them bigots responsible for killing people if they don’t agree to recognize some penises as female. 

And that’s not the only sort of hostile slander women face.

Will this disgusting Chris Cuomo quote ever get old? Maybe when he retracts it.

Cuomo regards this hypothetical 12-year-old girl who says no to seeing a penis in the locker room as “the problem,” unless “the problem” is her “overprotective and intolerant dad,” and that both of these problem people should come around to his opinion, his “tolerance.” One might wonder if the little girl is the problem, or this grown man who thinks she’s not entitled to her own opinion about whether or not any man, including Cuomo if he wanted to, should have the right by law to call himself a woman and strip in front of her? One might also wonder why Cuomo isn’t worried, just a bit, at the idea of a dad who’d teach his daughter that it’s intolerance if she doesn’t want to change around naked boys and men?

Chris Cuomo is probably fine with seeing penises in his locker room. He may even be fine changing around women. Many men have publicly expressed interest in being allowed to get naked around women while we are changing. So why can’t all the little 12 year old girls just be nice people, like him? Why won’t those intolerant, problematic, overprotected little … girls … just be more understanding of people with penises? Why won’t they respect the journey of the male hero, as he seeks the ultimate in unattainable prizes?

If Chris Cuomo thinks that this sort of thing increases tolerance of actually same-sex attracted people, he may well be mistaken. But he will probably never have to suffer even one, single consequence from these policies that are so intolerant of women, or for his overreach as an “ally.”

Perhaps people have become put off by the endless procession of etiquette guides where men claiming to be women demand to be at the center of every conversation, ask constantly for money when their movement is rolling in it, and make increasingly elaborate demands on the speech, beliefs, and even dating habits, of others.

Is it a coincidence that the movement responsible for all of this tedious hectoring is driving down public support for its constituents, especially from young women, in droves? We should at least consider the possibility.

It’s possible that more women than ever are tired of pretending that there’s a significant difference between the latest guide to “100 easy ways to make the world better for trans people” and the ones about “What men wish women would do more often in relationships.” 

If there’s one thing women are used to, it’s getting told how to be nice to men by woman-hating magazine staff. Having the people doing so blatantly lie about what’s happening may just be an indignity too far. We know why these articles are being written. It’s not because the media and male left suddenly woke up one day and decided to give a damn about women’s feelings.

Just consider dating. When women complain about not getting dates, we’re told to work on ourselves. For men, it’s always everyone else who’s discussed as the problem. Women can see that the response to trans-identified males isn’t how society responds to our concerns. When women complain, we usually get mocked, and the people mocking us are usually excused, if not praised.

When trans-identified men complain about not getting dates, they blame it on other people’s discriminatorygenital preferences,” and may even get a column in the press about it. Mockery is strictly disallowed, even as a response to men threatening or taunting us.

Meanwhile, no one has proposed any laws that treat the act of mocking women and girls as a violent hate crime, nor even taking any policy action against male sports cheats in women’s competitions. In this brave new world, where boys and men can say they aren’t boys and men, they “are transgender,” it’s only girls and women who end up having to say, “Mom, it really doesn’t matter. I’m running against the boys today. I won’t win.” And that is fine with everyone, or they pretend it is so they aren’t personally destroyed by the mob.

What they get away with is part of how we know that these men are not only not women, but that absolutely no one sees them as such. The women who dope with testosterone and ride on their coattails have the power to utterly wreak havoc on other women who play sports fairly, but no boy is ever going to lose his place in a track meet to a trans-identified female athlete. The ratchet only turns one way, but the LGBT organizations present the outcome as some type of “equality.” 

Maybe it doesn’t help LGB people win acceptance to be associated with sports cheats, or other obvious con artists?

Women still can’t get sexual assaults against us taken seriously. At the same time, men have made tremendous headway with getting society to agree that it might sometimes be literal violence and hatred to say that they are men, and so it’s okay to say we deserve harm if we disagree.

Women have to keep being really nice to the pronoun police, because if we don’t, if we say out loud what everyone can see, we’re putting lives at risk. Meanwhile, gender activists can lay on death threats with impunity. 

Men murder several women a day in the US for offenses like breaking up with them, but when some men say the problem of relations between the sexes is how we’re picky, moody b*tches, they’re believed. Women may have all been taught to smile and nod agreement with the violent types who turn threatening at a moment’s notice, but that doesn’t mean we like them. We just know that if something happens, they’ll be believed, and we won’t be. 

Maybe it’s the increasing numbers of transition regret stories that are bothering people.

Maybe it bugs people that trans-identified women seem to keep insisting that cosmetic breast procedures should be prioritized as if they were cancer treatments?

Maybe it doesn’t go over well that if you challenge this strange inversion of priority, you get suicide threats thrown in your face? 

Maybe some people have seen headlines about a “woman” committing a violent, maybe sexual, crime and looked at a picture of the perpetrator that pretty clearly portrayed a man

Perhaps they saw something like that and thought to themselves, “What the f*** did I just read?” Perhaps they wondered if the staff at the newsroom, or maybe the police station, have been drinking at work, like back in the Mad Men era, that the public are being told such ridiculous nonsense.

At a time when murderous violence against journalists poses a global civil rights threat, and when public confidence in the free press is in freefall, is it a good idea for the Columbia Journalism Review to post an arrogant, demanding essay on why journalists should absolutely lie about sex in their news coverage? How does it help the LGB win public acceptance to be represented by snotty LiveJournal refugees, lecturing a profession shedding jobs by the day, to say that the correct response to confusion about arcane neologisms like “transfeminine” is, “Try Googling It”? 

Then maybe people read about UK officials putting a male pedophile in a women’s prison because he legally changed his sex according to a gender identity policy, and learned how the utter terror of the female inmates over this didn’t count at all anymore. Them’s the rules now, ladies!

Who is anyone going to blame for all of this, if not Big Rainbow, which has splashed their stripes across everything that can’t run away from a paint can?

What does badgering the police and media until they’ll lie about the sex of an obviously male sex offender do to foster acceptance of LGB rights? Apparently, it’s not a big help.

In the UK, the summer also brought the news that support for same-sex partnerships had plateaued, and there’s the same headscratching. What could be happening? Maybe it’s that prominent gender activists have taken to saying that being either straight or exclusively same-sex attracted is a kind of bigotry? Women have been hearing this on social media, on dating apps, and in person, for a long time, but now someone with a big platform finally came out and said it.

Apparently everyone is supposed to be bisexual now, but call it pansexuality, according to Dr. Rachel McKinnon, whose PhD thesis topic was why it’s fine to blatantly lie. It can hardly improve the reputations or acceptance of bisexuals to be represented by an intolerant professor of lying, who clearly has serious problem with accepting other people’s personal boundaries.

Bisexuals are misunderstood often enough already. Seriously. They do not need representation from poorly socialized triumphalists. 

Most bisexual people don’t believe that other sexual orientations are immoral, an indefensible position that’s a lot more widespread than gender activists are usually willing to admit.

Meanwhile, the UK LGBT media outlet, PinkNews, regularly features nasty attacks on Mumsnet, a parenting forum that’s mostly for mothers, some of whom are feminists, over objections to things like gender-themed ad campaigns that are insulting to women

Most recently, PinkNews published a piece about Mumsnet users discussing new NHS rainbow badges, which closed by suggesting that expressing discomfort with signing on to the rainbow political agenda was ‘aggressive’ towards trans people. When UK moms are your eternal enemy, what is your deal? 

Here’s part of what the guys at PinkNews seem to think is so “derogatory or aggressive” that it should be forbidden in public conversation:

“A lesbian Mumsnetter wrote: “This isn’t a neutral ‘we welcome LGBT people here’ thing, it’s a political statement of affiliation to political lobby, no different to wearing Momentum badges or UKIP badges.”

She claimed that such symbols indicate the wearer is “signed up to a political lobby that seeks to deny women the freedom to be homosexual and rejects their right to exclude males from their bodies if those males say the right words”.

She continued: “This is also the symbol of removing single sex spaces and same-sex healthcare providers from women, and just plain rejecting those women whose religion, faith, disability, trauma, fear and embarrassment or just plain choice precludes this. But will be recorded as committing a hate crime if they say so.” …”

Good on them for honestly reporting some of women’s concerns, yet they can’t help but cast it as hate speech for women to express discomfort with wearing rainbow symbols that they’ve come to see as a direct political attack on their rights. Why should women, lesbians especially, not stand up in societies with free speech protections to say that we’re tired of being told that we can’t say no to men?

For this, women get repeatedly accused of hateful violence, and insulted by trashy fashion magazines like Cosmo, with the inevitable result that gender activists post more memes about shooting women for refusing to lie for men.

Women are just sick of this, in growing numbers, the more we hear about it. Those of us who are lesbian or bisexual are going to find it increasingly important to stand up and say that this movement — which spends many millions of dollars a year insisting that it speaks for us — does not represent our interests. Those of us who are feminists are going to have to stand up to the names hurled at us by the progressive-male-approved “feminist” media and say that we’re not okay with feminism being associated with a complete end of bodily privacy in public accommodations for women.

Hopefully more doctors and gay men will also speak up. More, everyone, really. Like Magdalen Berns asked of us all. And if you can’t speak up in public, maybe you can quietly talk to people you trust, to slowly build support for allowing people to speak the truth again.

Because how long does everyone really want to keep embarrassing themselves by pretending that they don’t know what a woman is? How much do any of us want to be blamed for standing by while this authoritarian nonsense takes over our politics?